Useful Tips


1. Holding a garage sale requires a lot of preparation and that is the key to a successful garage sale. Firstly have all of your items on hand and in storage waiting to be put out for sale.

Tell your family and friends that your having a garage sale and see if they have anything to get rid of or invite them to come and visit on the day of the sale. By talking to them you have a great way for building your stock up and more things to sell. Make sure they drop the stock off well in advance to your garage sale date. Be clear who the money goes to. If it goes to them or a percentage of it, make sure you know how much things can be sold for. Write it down for clear communication. The display of your items is also important. A heap of clothes in a pile in a suit case will not attract buyers. But putting them on a rack makes them so much more appealing and will sell quicker. Price items to get rid of them not to high and not so your giving them away. Individual pricing is fine for big items such as white goods or furniture but many items like bric a brac, cassettes, videos and records you could price together for eg. items on this table or in this box, $1 each. Now your stock is ready, time to tell everyone.


2. This is where comes in handy. Our site is all about saving you money. For too long garage sale sellers have been getting charged anywhere from $20 to $100 in advertising. This is both in Saturdays paper and online. What a joke! Holding a garage sale is all about saving money and so we at are committed to it being free. Don’t start your garage sale with a debt. Tell your family and friends that you advertised with us. Another effective and cost saving way of advertising is the sign on the road. Ensure your signs are wind and rain proof. Make them clear and without many words. For eg. it could read, Garage Sale William St. Having a directional arrow is effective to. Have the signs up when you are open and take them down when you are closed. Many people attend garage sales when they just drive past thus creating another opportunity to get buyers.

Dealing with customers

3. Be friendly and courteous with customers. Some may be earlier than expected. Some may try to haggle on prices. In both instances be prepared and know what you will do. Have some change ready to give when a transaction is made. Having a bag or box to assist customers carry the bought stock will show you are well prepared. Keep your till in a safe spot. Keep an eye on all goods and ensure it is clear where the public can or cannot go. Keep doors and or gates shut if you don’t want people to walk through there. With electrical items have a power cord ready for customers to test the product. Batteries are also very helpful so customers can check the product.

Finishing a garage sale

4. The day is finished and you’ve closed your garage sale. What can you do with the left over stock? A number of options are available. You can give them to your local St. Vinnies or Diabetes SA or keep them if you hold another sale. Whatever you decide make sure you are prepared in advance. Finally enjoy your profits and please don’t pay for your garage sale advertising use